Our Belief

28Connect was born out of the belief and experience that you don’t have to compromise between quality and cost. Great businesses maximise the value they create for their customers at the same time optimising the time and effort they spend delivering it.

Technology provides the greatest opportunity to do both, but transformation cannot be achieved by only changing one dimension of your business. With multi-industry experience at global corporations to cloud based start-ups, 28Connect’s approach and Activity Value Model will connect your customers to your operational capabilities and the outcomes you desire. A clear vision of the future and a roadmap of technology and non-technology initiatives can deliver that vision.

Our Goal

To provide experience and practical tools to build your transformation roadmap, providing you with a capability most businesses would not ordinarily carry.

Our Values

The same values and principles upon which our Activity Value Model is built are also the way we like to interact and connect with our customers:

Purposeful – our approach and energy is always focused on solving your problems and meeting your desired outcomes.

Leadership, together – ultimate accountability for your organisation’s success will always remain with you, but we will provide leadership in the approach to create a future vision and comprehensive roadmap, along with helping understand potential challenges for organisational adoption.

Challenge the norm – we do not profess to have all the answers but will provide fresh eyes and an unconstrained perspective on your business. We will facilitate purposeful discussion and robust thinking for your team to challenge the status quo and solve problems.

Honest – feedback can sometimes be unwanted, or awkward at best, but it is essential. We will be upfront and purposeful in all our interactions to find the best solution together.