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28Connect was born out of the belief and experience that you don’t have to compromise between quality and cost. Great businesses maximise the value they create for their customers at the same time optimising the time and effort they spend delivering it.


Technology is by far the greatest opportunity to achieve greater value for less effort but not every digital initiative will provide financial return. Processes and the way customers and people interact with your business may still need to improve, therefore, finding the right blend of technology and non-technology initiatives will drive greater outcomes and returns.

The majority of companies over many years continue to experience disappointing outcomes with large scale technology and transformation programs. Working with 28Connect will deliver a well-defined, pragmatic roadmap beyond the hype of just technology.

Our Approach

28Connect have developed the Activity Value Model as a framework for creating a clear vision of your future business. It drives the alignment of your operational capabilities – process, people and technology – to the purpose of the business in order to achieve and improve your desired outcomes.

Operational Capability, Purpose and Outcomes


Understand customer and business problems and why they need to be resolved. Integrate value into a single company vision and strategy.

Operational Capability

Align the purpose to your process and people capabilities. Leverage technology to optimise the activities which create customer and business value and eliminate or reduce everything else.


Align customer satisfaction, operational effectiveness and financial results back to the purpose, again leveraging technology to provide timely data and analytics to make faster, better informed decisions.

Your Transformation Roadmap

Using the Activity Value Model, 28Connect will work with you to develop a detailed Transformation Roadmap to achieve your future vision, aligned to your business challenges and priorities.

  • Future Vision
  • Technology & Non-technology Initiatives
  • Clearly Defined Benefits
  • Adoption & Execution Risks


We work with you to create your company-wide and fully integrated transformation, or focus only on the components that are a key challenge and priority today. We can help optimise current CRM and ERP systems, or, if you’re just not sure where to start, perform a Transformation Diagnostic.

The Transformation

The company-wide and fully integrated transformation. Create better customer experiences, optimise your operational capabilities and identify new commercial opportunities.

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Better Customer Experience

Define and align value creating activities, leveraging technology to create better customer experiences.

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Optimise Operational Capabilities

Streamline your operational capabilities to consistently meet customer needs and reduce the time and effort to do so.

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Better Business Intelligence

Make faster, better informed decisions in response to your customer and operational needs.

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CRM or ERP Optimisation

Drive greater optimisation from your CRM or ERP systems – pre- or post-implementation analysis.

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Transformation Diagnostic

Identify and prioritise opportunities, including your readiness to transform.

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Partnering Opportunities

The best transformations are a comprehensive and integrated set of technology and non-technology initiatives.
With more customers wanting transformation, but with growing expectations, working with 28Connect can help provide you with a broader capability to move up the value chain from technology partner to digital transformation partner.

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