From Technology Partner to Transformation Partner

As an IT partner, there is the daily challenge of continually creating value for your customers and differentiating yourselves from other resellers and service providers. With more customers recognising the need to transform digitally, but not having the capability to do so internally, they require a trusted adviser by their side.

The best transformations are a comprehensive and integrated set of technology and non-technology initiatives. Leaving you to focus on the technology implementation, 28Connect can help provide you with the broader capability to align and integrate the non-technology side of the equation. Move up the value chain from technology partner to digital transformation partner.

You plus 28Connect
You plus 28Connect

Move up the value chain

Depending on today’s challenges, the vision you have for your own business and knowing your customers better, 28Connect have four core offerings to help you create more value in your relationships with your customers.

Collaborative Partnering

Tailored Packages

Partner Development

Transform Your Business

Of course, with transformation being about solving your customers’ problems, we’re more than happy to work out a program to best suit you.

Contact us to discuss how we can complement each other to win.

Transform Your Capability

Whilst appearing subtle at times compared to traditional technology engagements, transformation leverages value across the entire business by better integrating your customer problems, business vison, processes, people and desired outcomes. Technology provides the opportunity to supercharge this equation, but an integrated roadmap including non-technology initiatives generates greater value.
Using 28Connect’s Activity Value Model framework, we will work with you on how best to develop your transformational capability, using a primary set of skills and tools.

  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • Design Thinking
  • Value Stream Mapping
  • Causal Analysis
  • Business Process Management
  • Integrated Roadmap

Customer Scenarios

Your customers will have many reasons to want to transform, or benefit from a transformation approach. Why not be the trusted partner who has the capability to solve their broader issues and develop the right blend of process and people activities, leveraged by technology?

Digitally Transform Company-Wide

Your customer recognises opportunities across customer experience, operational capabilities and new revenue streams but needs guidance on setting priorities, sequencing and benefit optimisation.

Improve Customer Experience

Your customer has issues with customer satisfaction requiring customer value to be validated and aligned to key processes, people and technologies that will drive better experiences.

Streamline Operations

Cost pressures or ongoing quality issues mean your customer needs to reengineer processes and leverage technology.

Better Business Intelligence

Your customer isn’t making the best use of their data and needs to make better informed and faster decisions in response to customer and operational needs.

Activity Value Model

See how 28Connect’s Activity Value Model is used to help customers with these challenges.

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