What we do

Ideally, transformation visions and roadmaps are company-wide, fully integrated and determine priorities and the time order of initiatives and benefits. However, if your business has an urgent need to focus on just one of the transformation components, or to optimise a CRM or ERP system, 28Connect can adapt to those needs. If you’re still not sure where to start, complete a diagnostic to uncover opportunities and provide thoughtful discussion, and challenge, for your team.

Map a company-wide and fully integrated transformation to create better customer experiences, optimise operational capabilities and identify new commercial opportunities.

Why would you?

  • Our industry and competitors are becoming more digital.
  • We need to improve our customer experience, operational capability and business intelligence.
  • The business may not survive unless we think and do differently.

Focus on value creating process and people activities, and leverage technology to create better customer experiences

Why would you?

  • High customer churn or poor customer feedback.
  • We want to introduce new products, services or channels.
  • We want to evaluate a new technology capability.

Streamline your operational capabilities to consistently meet the customer needs at the same time as reducing the time and effort to do so.

Why would you?

  • Cost pressures due to the market and competitive environment.
  • Inconsistent service or product quality provided to customers.
  • We want to grow faster – create capacity and be scalable.

Utilise current and new data sources and analytics to make faster, better informed decisions in response to your customers and operational needs.

Why would you?

  • Our decision-making needs to be better informed and faster.
  • Our reporting and analytics do not meet both leadership and operational needs.
  • Can the data our products and services generate become a revenue stream or value-add to our customers?

Avoid just completing a system upgrade and drive greater company-wide value and benefit from your CRM & ERP applications.

Why would you?

  • Pre-implementation analysis: are we maximising our investment with the benefits we could gain?
  • Post-implementation analysis: we didn’t achieve the benefits we wanted the first-time round.

If you’re feeling left behind or unsure where to start, complete our transformation diagnostic before taking the next step.

Why would you?

  • Our customers are demanding more but we don’t know where to start.
  • There’s so many options but we need to prioritise.
  • We’re not sure if we are ready to take on a transformation?

Key Deliverables

With exception of completing the Transformation Diagnostic, the key deliverables of each service will be:

  • Future Vision
  • Technology & Non-technology Initiatives
  • Clearly Defined Benefits
  • Adoption & Execution Risks

28Connect will be happy to work with your IT and other partners to create a successful transformation.

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