28Connect Privacy Policy

28Connect understands that privacy and how we collect, hold, use, disclose and protect personal information is important to you. Therefore, we follow the Australian Privacy Principles (APPs), which are contained in the Privacy Act 1988 (Privacy Act).

Personal information is information or an opinion (whether true or not) about an identified, or reasonably identifiable, individual.

The kinds of personal information that we collect and hold

The primary personal information we collect is basic business contact information, e.g. your name, business, email address and landline and mobile telephone number(s).

Over time the initial business contact information may be added to, either with additional information you provide, e.g. the services 28Connect provide that you are interested in, or we may collect some information from public sources such as your company website or LinkedIn.

If a business relationship develops, we will also likely collect information regarding our interactions, agreed tasks and progress on the work we are doing together. This information may have been made available, or agreed to, following usual business relationship mechanisms of email exchanges, meetings and phone conversations, etc.

We aim only to collect and hold personal information that will allow us to effectively conduct a business relationship with you.

How we collect personal information

You may already be a business contact of a 28Connect employee from a previous relationship, and we may maintain those details to contact you to discuss 28Connect services. Otherwise, we will likely collect your information following an exchange of business cards, you submitting a Contact Us form via our website, or other similar means and contact we may have.

If a business relationship develops, we will also likely exchange emails or instant messages which will be maintained, and may or may not contain personal information.

How we hold personal information

We primarily utilise Microsoft software. Therefore, the primary method for storing personal information is as a contact within Microsoft business application products, including a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system.

Other than the various mobile devices we use at 28Connect (mobile, tablets and laptops), all personal information is held in the business applications and hosted in the cloud. Our devices are password protected and run anti-virus software. Microsoft provides security on their applications hosted in the cloud.

The purposes for which we collect, hold, use and disclose personal information

The main reason we collect personal information is to stay in contact. Outside of specific commercial engagements, you may have requested for us to contact you or we may want to provide an update on what we’ve been doing or the services we provide. Within a commercial arrangement, the reason remains very much the same, i.e. communicating with you.

In either situation, we may be contacting you on an individual basis, or as a representative of your company. Regardless, the intent will be for business purposes only and we will not disclose your information to other related or interested companies, in Australia or overseas, without your consent.

If, at anytime, you wish 28Connect to cease holding and using your personal information, please contact us at info@28connect.com.

Accessing or amending your personal information

You have a right to know what we hold of your personal information, and of course, amend it. Should you want to know what we hold, or feel you need to amend some of your information, please contact us via email on info@28connect.com. In some circumstances, we may need to validate the request, including the amended information, but we will let you know at the time.

Do you have a complaint?

If you feel that your personal information has been misused or mismanaged in away, please contact us immediately at info@28connect.com. Your privacy is very important, so even if it is just a suspicion, we will be happy to investigate the situation.

If you have another other query regarding our privacy policy, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@28connect.com.